A Kentucky Boy and An Alabama Girl

A Kentucky Boy and An Alabama Girl

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Picking up where we left off.

There has been a tremendous difference in Lucy. She went to Kentucky for an entire week without me or John. She went with her grandparents - so it's not as if we just sent her off with strangers to camp for a week at the age of 4. She was so independent when she left - no she is kind of clingy and oh so concerned for John and I. she said that she would NEVER go to Kentucky again - bc it was so far and she would miss us way too much. I believe that she learned the "art of manipulation" on this trip.
She is growing up so fast - she starts K4 at the "big school" this school year and I know at that point she is no longer ours alone. I am for the first time having trouble decifyfering her behaviour and emotions... This morning she stated that she absolutely didn't want me to wear these shoes - she said that they were too high and my toes would hurt all day. She said that she was just afraid I would fall or .....some one think my shoes were a jezebel's shoes.

Yes seriously.... as much as this took me back - it's my own damn fault... I am the one that taught her about a "jezebel" out of my own personal desire for my child not to want to look like a street walker like some of the other young - VERY - young girls I see. You that know that I am modest - my husband would probably say too modest - so it's not a matter of "do as I say not as I do here" - it was almost funny...

For you "adults" out there - these shoes are Nine West and they are FIERCE!

and this is the "grown up child" that thinks these are the shoes of a jezebel...

 Yes I know...... she is as sweet as she looks - unless you are wearing "hooker" shoes!