A Kentucky Boy and An Alabama Girl

A Kentucky Boy and An Alabama Girl

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Addition to the Blush and Bashful Room

So my wonderful Granny had this amazing idea. She asked me for my favorite pieces of baby clothing that I could bear to temporarily part with and knew that I wouldn't use again for another child - should there be another girl. So I told her certainly.... she pieced and hand patchworked my Lucy a beautiful quilt - it's now almost complete - it's simply awaiting the quilted backing - in which she said she would have completed soon - maybe even for Lucy's birthday. Here is a sneak peek - I was so proud I just had to share - even if it's not completed - it was more beautiful than I had imagined!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My colors are Blush and Bashful

Well I know it's a little later than I said I would BUT here is the finished product of Lucy's new Pink and Pink room! I have to admit that it really turned out beautifully. My girl did a GREAT job picking out the colors. Thanks to my mom and my sister for helping me paint - I could NOT have done it with out you both and to my mother in law which kept Lucy over night so that it would be a total surprise! My girl is growing up so fast. There has not been a day this week OR last for that matter that I haven't looked at her and thought about how fast she is becoming a little lady. I sure miss her being a baby but goodness sakes-a-live - I really LOVE her being a little girl! She is becoming this person all her own. She is so beautiful and her laugh is so amazing - her laugh is FULL of joy and lights up a room... just like her little eyes and smile. She is using such good manners, and learning to be respectful and obedient. Yet she still maintains the innocence of a child. She has these random moments - just out of no where she will look at me and whisper "Mommy I love you over the moon" or "Mommy I love you bushels". These moments - I truly cherish and love the most with her - I guess bc she has developed the capacity to love back and she understands what love is. She is so smart - well I could gush all day - like most all moms I guess. But I tell you - there is something extraordinary and rare and exceeding excellence with this one.... I sat by her on the couch last night with my husband on one side and her on the other as she leaned her head down on my shoulder and said, "Mommy I love you bushels and bushels" - I gushed and had the thought - man this is nice - I will always remember this moment - especially when she is going through the "I can't stand my mom phase" and the "My mom is such a dork" phase.

Just some little fragments of advice.... DO NOT TAKE ONE SECOND FOR GRANTED with your children. Who cares if the kitchen gets wrecked - as long as you are cooking/baking together.... there will always be dirty laundry - your child won't always be little..... There will always be work to be done and phone calls to be made - your kids won't always want to talk to you or have you listen.... You will always be tired and exhausted....but your babies won't always beg you to read just one more story mommy.... One day you are yelling at them to clean their room and give you some peace and the next day you watch as your husband walks your baby girl down the aisle to begin her own family. Love your family and no matter what the sacrifice or the cost - ALWAYS make sure you are putting them second ONLY TO GOD!!!! Put your family above ALL earthly things. So with all of that said - I am proud to present to you "the BIG GIRL ROOM"..... funny what paint can do for a soul - "aye" ?

Her "bed buddies" - this way she only chooses two - she was SERIOUSLY sleeping with them ALL!
The beautiful quilt my granny made when she was born and her beautiful birth wreath made my one of my bff's
The house that is building her
Her little reading knook

Giving her "new bed" a try!

Sign reads, "I know I'm a Princess bc my daddy is the King of Kings"

The heart of her room - her dance photo - and her favorite
in the world....her books.